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The Road To Business Success Isn't Easy.

But you don't need to go it alone.  

Whether you're the CEO in the corner office or running a one-person service company, being isolated never helps matters. When you have a business question or need a quick brainstorming session, where do you go? One place to go is your local chamber of commerce. That's a great start. Yet local competitors may not be too helpful. What if you could connect with chamber members across the nation? ChamberCrowd makes this possible and a whole lot more.


  • You can meet people in your profession from chambers in other cities
  • You can share your experiences to help other business owners
  • You promote your business to members outside your local market


  • You get answers and ideas to solve problems holding you back
  • You get help implementing proven marketing strategies into more clients and sales for your business
  • You can participate in webinars to learn more about building a successful and enjoyable business


  • You learn what state and local chambers are doing to support business
  • You learn ways to support your chamber staff in their advocacy efforts

You can talk about your business without being tracked by Big Tech. You talk business without the distractions of cat videos, flame wars, petty politics, and non-stop advertising.

The health, financial, and business effects of the Coronavirus and lockdowns are huge and growing exponentially. Now is the time to get your business on the right track to survive now and prosper later when things turn around and open back up again.

From The Founder

My name is Richard Emmons. I am a marketing consultant, small business owner, and author of Marketing Survival Guide and Chamber Advantage

My business background spans three decades, multiple industries, and a wide variety of work. My experience includes door-to-door selling of attic insulation and yellow pages advertising in college, 15 years as a Chief Financial Officer and 14 years as a marketing consultant, and over 10 years operating a brick and mortar business. I understand the pressures of running a business in a competitive marketplace.

Yes, I wrote the book on how chamber works to help local businesses prosper. Now we will take it to a whole new level at ChamberCrowd.

When you apply what you learn at ChamberCrowd, you'll have a more profitable and more enjoyable business. You'll also be freed up to serve others in your community in new ways. You'll also be freed up to take a well-deserved vacation!

"Do I really have to be a Chamber Member to join ChamberCrowd?"

Yes. If you're serious about growing your business you need to connect in your local area. Even when your customers are around the world. Especially when your clients are around the world. 

Why? Because even a great online network can't replace local face-to-face networking with other business peers. Isolation isn't conducive to long-term creativity and business success. 

You support your local community by supporting your local chamber of commerce. A portion of your chamber dues supports chamber activities at the state level. State Chambers work in our state capitols to reduce business taxation and regulations. This is another way to have a stronger business. 

Chamber dues are not expensive. In my city a business can join for $275 per year. Dues at some chambers are less and big city chambers are more. Chamber membership is a great value when you take advantage of chamber opportunities. 

Yes, you should join a local chamber before you invest in a ChamberCrowd membership. You'll be glad you did. Make that investment today. 

"Richard, thanks for being such a great advocate for the chamber!"
Josie Molloy, President & CEO, Grants Pass & Josephine County Chamber of Commerce

NOTE: You don't need to be the business owner to join ChamberCrowd. If your business or non-profit organization is a member of your local chamber of commerce, you qualify to join ChamberCrowd.

Charter Membership

By joining now, you gain the benefits and responsibilities of being a ChamberCrowd Charter Member. The main benefit is joining at the lowest membership price and getting the longest free trial. You also get early adopter advantages of more access to me and the opportunity to suggest improvements while our platform is being developed. 

At the same time, you have the responsibility of being more involved in ChamberCrowd. There are many ways for you to lead by example and not "follow the crowd." These ways include reaching out to new members, uploading an article now and then, asking questions when you need help and answering questions when you have something to share. You can also get the word out to chamber members in your local area and your out-of-town relatives. 

The obvious reason is that we don't have members across the nation....yet. Your role as a ChamberCrowd Ambassador now is crucial to the long-term success of ChamberCrowd.

For joining now, you get a modest monthly fee of $9.99 ($99.99 annual) which is just 40 cents per business day. These membership fees will increase as we build out the network and add more benefits. Your membership fee will be locked in and will not increase in the future. You're being rewarded for joining as a Charter Member.

Your Charter Membership begins with a 6-month free trial. You will enjoy the benefits of ChamberCrowd while we build out our membership nationwide. In the future, the free trial period will be reduced to 30 days or less.

Let's work together now to create a network of chamber members with stronger businesses, better lives and stronger communities. 

Fine Print: We don't offer refunds to keep overhead down and fees low. Ask just one difficult question, get it answered, and you'll pay for your membership fees many times over. You can cancel any time with no hard feelings and no additional charges.

We know that "Most business problems can be solved with more clients and sales." Makes sense, doesn't it? You can get started today by scrolling down below and choosing your membership plan. You won't regret it!

Have a question about ChamberCrowd before you join? Contact us today at [email protected]

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